a pixie and a silver star...

I am in love with these...

inquire at
"a beautiful mess"



with no energy!
I am finally on my way to recovering 
from this terrible cold with a horrific cough! 

so i thought i'd share a little of
my studio...

my new obsession, pearls...

knottong, stringing & wrapping

a new carte blanch i'm working on
I need to add a beautful quote...

brushes and antlers

me and my best pals...

my new "dunn edwards" drop cloth curtains!
I love them. the french tassle makes them look so expensive
especially how they puddle...

some of my linen and cotton stash,
notice the kaffe fassett books and fabrics...
i love his design and colors

cathy cullis, one of many
adorning my home...
i love her work

another special piece
a stephanie lee original

this little jar,
another cathy cullis...

my angels...

the left side of my window,
I love how these curtains came out!
they make great table cloths too!

ramona paloma pocelain

remaking a vintage ribbon
tiny sailors heart 
just complete...

little nooks...
that inspire

to the right you can see a corner of my
lineage piece made by angela cartwright
and a little cathy cullis house,
both artists are featured in the new 
somerset studio magazine! 

one of my creative spaces...

this little nest is shaped like a heart
my husband found it with the egg and feather...

did I share I was published in both 
artist cafe for my "carte blanche" article
& pasticcio featuring my "missionary man" 

thank you for keeping me busy today!


hearts on fire...

I am so excited about this class Dede Warren and I will be teaching 
March 22nd

British Solders created beaded pincushions during WWI and sent them home to mothers, wives, or sweethearts. After Nancy uncovered a box of these stunning treasures, Dede and I set about creating our own. 

"king of the castle" by cf

"true love" by dw

"forever" by cf

"velvet star" by cg

"the queen" by ph

off to the cabin 
where the snow never ends...

our deck
most snow ever... makes for good riding!

a very cozy and fun valentines
we visited the ice castles, went snow boarding & saw the 10th!


the cruise of a lifetime...

It has been a life long dream 
of my husband's parents...
for thier 55th wedding annivesary
they treated their children and their families to 
a cruise of a lifetime!
5 days!

bon voyage!


our mema, pop pop & thier grandchildren...
(I told mema's story in may of 2012
we are truly blessed)

traveling the streets of belize...
everyone had laundry out in the most amazing colors...

ready to explore the crystal caves of belize...

 our beautful children 
"white night"

the love of my life...

this was fun 
we didn't expect this at all!
the waiters sang to some fun song and all 14 of us raised our napkins!

our crazy family...
on our way to cozumel

the kids dancing
on the catamaran 

haley our little one, marc, myself, carly & jake...

a little snorkling with carly
before we play at senior frogs!

our fun and crazy fam...
notice mema & pop pop
in the heart...

the end of another great day!

we had christmas on the cruise, came home 
and had our family christmas dinner

 the same night we rung in 2014
with family and friends...

to a healthy, happy & prosperous new year...


be of good cheer!

this past month has been 
fun, hectic, tiring and

it started with the stress of getting my cards done
and completing the art work to get these 
beauties in the mail...

"they'll be party's for toasting marshmellows for roasting and caroling out in the snow...
it's the most wonderful time of the year!"

and then...
a great time had by all with 

teaching a small group of friends
the art of water coloring

my new watercolors!
"lukas" half pans

first  and second class!!
love my results 

and then off to cindy's for 
some good cheer!

gold sugar rimmed glasses for toasting!

i made these little "christmas gift"
shoes. I had seen the original in a little town in colorado
in fairplay...

cindy's beautiful handmade garland
all from vintage finds...

 beautiful handmade linen towels 
from dede...

and sweet pearl...
holding her wonderful christmas boxes
she made for all of us!

my little cotton santa
i made...

be jolly!

my dear friends...
dede, cindy & pearl
showing off their new christmas shoe!

wishing you time to reflect, be joyous & hearts filled with love...
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!